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3 Tips For Keeping Portable Toilets As Odor-Free As Possible At Your Outdoor Event

by Roberto Garza

When hosting an outdoor event, it is important to have a portable toilet around for your guests to use. While the user-to-potty ratio will vary depending on the type of event that you are hosting, you should have approximately one portable toilet for every 60 people at an outdoor event like a concert. Portable toilets are often associated with stinky odors, but this doesn't have to always be the case. A stinky portable toilet can easily ruin the atmosphere of your event, and make your guests feel uncomfortable. Here are 3 tips on how you can keep rented portable toilets as odor-free as possible.

Look for a Model with Good Ventilation

If you choose a portable toilet that is similar to an enclosed box, stinky odors emitted from the waste in the portable toilets will have nowhere to go. They are trapped within the portable toilet, and the odor will only worsen with time.

To keep the portable toilet as odor-free as possible, choose a model that has proper ventilation. Ducts, vents or even windows should be incorporated to the upper wall or top of the portable toilet. The ventilation should be located in an inconspicuous area, and at an angle that will not allow for those on the outside of the toilet to have a clear view of the inside. Proper ventilation will allow for unwanted odors to better dissipate.

Choose a Shady Place

Face it. If the portable toilet is placed in an area that will be constantly exposed to the sun, heat from the sun will only speed up decomposition. This causes the bacteria responsible for decomposition to work even harder, which in turn causes a stronger odor to come about.

Be cautious when picking a spot for the portable toilet. ideally, you should choose a location that has a lot of shade and is away from the sun.

Keep a Lot of Deodorizers Around

Deodorizers are also a good way to keep the portable toilet odor-free. There are plenty of types of deodorizers available from ones that are in liquid form to others that are in powder form. The amount of deodorizers that you should use will depend on the amount of traffic that the portable toilets get and the strength of the odors being emitted from the toilet.

It's a good idea to keep some deodorizers around in the toilet for your guests. Let your guests add deodorizers as they see fit. You won't always be around to know when the toilet is getting a bit too stinky.


Having a portable toilet available at your event is crucial; however, maintaining the portable toilet and making sure that it is kept as odor-free as possible is even more important. A stinky toilet will not only leave a bad impression in the mind of your guests, but can dampen the success of the event significantly.