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Why Maintaining Your Septic Tank Is So Important

by Roberto Garza

If you have a septic tank for your home's plumbing system, performing proper maintenance is crucial to keep it running. While the main benefit of maintenance is to prevent the system failing, there are other reasons you should not completely ignore your septic tank.

Cost of Repair

Your septic tank can be very difficult to repair, with various factors contributing to the cost. If the system has been poorly mapped, there could be additional steps needed to gain access to your tank for a proper inspection. If it is completely underground, you may have to pay a digging fee for the contractor to uncover the tank's access ports. These are all additional costs that go beyond the advertised prices, even for standard tasks such as pumping.

Potential Health Risks

When wastewater makes its way out of the septic field, there are potential health effects that you should be concerned about. For those that depend on well water, it is especially dangerous. A damaged tank that is leaking waste into the ground water can cause diseases like hepatitis, dysentery, and even spread bacterial infections like E-Coli. This is why it is so important to care for your septic tank, even though it is completely out of sight.

Impact on the Environment

The wastewater from your septic tank can contain phosphates, which are typically found in the detergents that you use. If wastewater finds its way to a nearby lake or stream, it can cause environmental problems. For example, phosphates can accelerate algae growth, which will cause devastating effects on native plants and fish in the area. It can also affect animals that tend to feed on these things as well.

Septic Tank Servicing

If these things are a concern to you, you should stay on top of septic tank maintenance by having the tank inspected annually through a contractor in your area. They will look at every component of a septic tank system for damage or wear and determine if the tank should be drained based on measurements that they take of the waste inside. They can empty your tank at the same time, or give you an estimate for when it should be done based on factors like family members living in your house and the previous pumping date.

Always keep a record of the services that were performed, including dates that the tank was pumped. This will help you to stay up to date on maintenance, and inform the next contractor with crucial information about your septic tank.