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Properly Maintaining A Septic System

by Roberto Garza

If you have just purchased your own home, you will quickly find out the importance of taking proper care of appliances and systems within your household. The septic system is one part of your home you will need to monitor to make sure you do not suffer from unfortunate downtime. Here are some steps you can take to keep your septic system in good running condition.

Clean Out Waste

Call a septic service to do a complete cleaning of your septic tank. Since you will not know the usage pattern of the prior owner, pumping out waste is recommended before moving into the home. At this time, ask the service worker how often they recommend you have cleanings done to keep the system running without overflow. They will do a complete evaluation of the tank, the pump, and the piping to make sure everything is running as it should.

Watch Water Use

When you use water within your home, it goes down drains, through pipes, and to your septic tank. To limit how frequently you will need to service your tank, limit the water usage within your home. Turn off sink water faucets when you are not using the water constantly, such as when you brush your teeth or in between scrubbing and rinsing dishes. If you have toilets with tanks that are constantly running water, repair the rubber flap inside the water holding tank to help stop wasting water. Have any other plumbing problems addressed to reduce wasted water.

Keep Chemicals Away

Do not rinse any chemical agents down your drains, as these can cause the consistency inside your septic tank to become altered. Breakages can occur within the piping system, leading to excessive repairs. The septic pump may not be able to handle the load as well. This in turn can cause a back up if the matter becomes too thick to properly pump toward your leach field. Never put grease down the drains as it can harden in the septic tank. Non-biodegradable materials should be kept from being flushed down toilets to avoid a septic backup as well.

Keep Off The Grass

Make an effort to keep the area above your septic tank, leach field, and the piping running between the two free from any overhead weight. Do not drive ATV's or other mechanical vehicles over these areas as their weight can cause bending to the piping or damage to the tank. Use a push mower to cut grass above the septic system. 

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