Being a Trash Man Isn't So Bad

Dumpster Maintenance Tips For Your Business

by Roberto Garza

Garbage containment and removal is a necessary aspect for almost all businesses. This means your dumpster, whether it's rented or part of your building's rental contract, should be considered an extension of your business. If the dumpster and its environs aren't properly maintained, you could be held responsible for the damage. The following tips will help keep your dumpster in good condition, which will save you money in the long run.   

Tip #1: Put a Lid On It

Pests, such as racoons, can quickly trash your dumpster. These pests are common in both urban and rural areas, so being in a big city is no guarantee that your dumpster will be pest-free. A lid helps keep most animal pests out. If human pests are a concern, opt for a locking lid. Another benefit of a lid is that it also keeps water and snow out of your dumpster. In some municipalities a lid is also required because it helps cut down on odors and pests.

Tip #2: Consider a Fence

Vandalism, whether it's pulling out garbage or attacking the dumpster's exterior with spray paint, can leave you with a big bill for repairs or cleanup. Putting a fence around the dumpster ensures that your receptacle isn't an easy target. Make sure the fence has a large gate so that garbage crews can easily access it and empty it. You will also need to make sure the gate is unlocked on pickup days. 

Tip #3: Monitor the Condition

Dumpsters age just like any other metal. Depending on the type of garbage, rust or corrosion can become a major issue. Inspect your dumpster monthly for scratched paint, dents, and rust spots. If you notice these, contact the rental company immediately. By quickly addressing the damage, rust can be stopped before it eats through the metal. Dumpsters with rust holes give animal pests access, and they may leak harmful components out of the garbage kept inside.

Tip #4: Don't Overload Your Dumpster

It can be tempting to schedule less frequent pickups to save money, but this may actually cost your business more. Dumpsters are rated to hold a certain weight, so you may be billed an overage charge each time you overfill the dumpster. An overfilled dumpster is also more difficult to close properly, which can lead to pest problems. If you frequently overfill your dumpster because of the volume of garbage your business produces, you may want to rent a compactor dumpster (from an outlet such as ESP Dumpsters & Waste Services) instead of a simple bin.