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Tips For Maintaining Your Home's Septic Tank Health

by Roberto Garza

Maintaining your home's septic tank health is very important to keep it flowing well and ensure that it lasts for decades to come. Improperly draining septic tanks are prone to backing up sewage into your home's plumbing and leaking toxic wastewater into groundwater where it is not supposed to be located.

Following these tips, you can guarantee your home's septic tank's health:

Keep All Landscaping Away from Your Entire Septic System

To keep your septic system free from damage from trees and shrubbery, you should never plant any landscaping near your septic tank, its leach lines, nor its leach field. Large trees and bushes have deep roots that can find their way down to your septic system as they are looking for water. Once the roots sense the water, then they will force themselves into the septic tank or into its leach line pipes. Plant and tree roots intruding into your home's septic system will create expensive damage as it cracks pipes.

Keep All Asphalt or Concrete Away from Your Septic System

If you want to install a patio or driveway in the area of your septic system, you need to place it well away from the location of the tank, leach lines, and the leach field. Asphalt and concrete are heavy and when they sit on the top of your home's septic system they will cause cracks in pipes and can cause your septic system to cave in if heavy cars are driven over the area.

Keep the Tank Clean by Pumping It Regularly

Today's soap products cause a solid substance to build up inside of septic tanks. If the solids are not regularly pumped out, then they can travel down the leach lines and out into the leach field. Solids that land in the leach field will turn into a cement-like substance and will cause your leach field to prematurely fail. You can prevent this damage by pumping your septic tank on a regular basis. Your local plumbing contractor will calculate the size of your tank and let you know how often you should have it pumped.

Keep Records of All Repairs and Pumping Dates

Finally, you should keep a written record of each date that your home's septic system has been repaired or the tank has been pumped. This information will allow you to stay on top of your system's pumping schedule, and it will allow future plumbing contractors (such as those from Martin Septic Service Inc) to have a historical view of your septic system's health and past problems.

The best way to keep the records for your septic system is to place each receipt into a large envelope and write the dates of service and a brief description of the work completed on the outside of the envelope for easy reference.