Being a Trash Man Isn't So Bad

No One Likes A Dirty Dumpster – Removing Foul Odors Effectively

by Roberto Garza

If you regularly use a dumpster at your place of business and you have had complaints about the odor in the area where it is located, you will need to be diligent in taking steps to remove the smell to placate neighbors, fellow employees, and customers. Here are a few ways you can remove bad smells that are coming out of your dumpster.

Add Some Coffee

The smell of coffee is pleasing, and it is strong enough to absorb some of the toughest odors. To evenly disperse a coffee smell in your dumpster, attach a used nylon stocking to each interior corner of your dumpster using duct tape. Fill each stocking with your used coffee grounds to help minimize the odor in your dumpster.

Sprinkle Some Powder

Baking soda is a natural odor eliminator, which is why many people use it inside their refrigerators. Industrial strength dumpster deodorizer contains baking soda in its ingredients. Sprinkle this power on the bottom of a newly delivered dumpster to help trap odor inside the enclosure rather than having it seep out in areas where people are present. Consider sprinkling a bit into the bottom of each trash bag you use before you start filling them to increase the odor-grabbing powers this natural method holds.

Separate Refuse Items

Consider starting a compost pile somewhere on your property on which to place natural items. You will benefit from having soil you can use for planting; while saving landfills from unnecessary waste. This will also help to keep your dumpster smelling fresh, as the materials that often make the worst odors are those of rotting food. This can be placed into your compost, covered with dirt, and reused again when it decomposes.

Create A Policy

Make a policy that each of your employees takes the time to properly dispose of items within the dumpster. Make sure they double-bag trash and check that bags are tightly tied shut. Have each employee shut the lid after placing items inside. If something is especially pungent, have the employee spray the exterior of the garbage bag or the item itself with a mixture of water and a few drops of peppermint oil. This will freshen the scent while helping to keep away mice. Have employees place bricks or large stones on top of the dumpster lid to help keep odors inside, while doubling the effort to help keep wildlife out of the dumpster, as well.

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